Can T-Shirts go in the dryer?

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Have you ever tried drying any of your clothing in the dryer, and it got shrunk by mistake? If you've had that kind of experience, you might wonder if T-shirts can go through the dryer. The answer to if your T-shirts can go in the dryer is largely dependent on the type of material your T-shirt is made of.

Continue reading to find what kind of shirt materials can go into the dryer and what shirt materials aren't suitable for drying in the dryer.

1.Cotton T-shirts

Cott 1 on is one of the most popular materials used to manufacture T-shirts. They are natural fibre, and they make durable, comfortable clothing.Cotton T-shirts are primarily suitable for the dryer when they are mixed with other clothing materials like polyester. However, T-shirts that come in 100% cotton may shrink when you put them in a dryer. 100% cotton or a blend with other materials, it is vital that you check the label on your t-shirt first to see if your t-shirt is dryer safe.

2.MicroFibre T-shirts

Micro fibres are usually made from polyesters and nylon, and they are generally used to make cycling jerseys and knit T-shirts.  If your T-shirt is micro fibre made, then it should be fine in a dryer. However, ensure to set the dryer at a low temperature as they dry faster than other materials.

3.Polyester T-shirts

If your long sleeve T-shirts, short-sleeve or sleeveless T-shirts are made 0f polyester, you can be sure it would dry perfectly in a dryer without shrinkage or damage, provided you set it at a low temperature.

4.Nylon T-shirts

Nylon is used to manufacture many clothing materials and T-shirts are no exceptions.

Although you would hardly find aT- shirt that is 100% made from nylon material, many T-shirts are made with a blend of nylon, cotton and polyester for durability and comfort.

Men's T-shirts,custom made T-shirts,T-shirt for women men and for men from nylon materials are usually dryer safe. However, you should check your T-shirt's label to find out if the manufacturer recommends your nylon t-shirt or not.

5.Spandex T-shirts

Spandex material is often a blend of cotton and polyester to increase comfort.

If your v-neck T-shirt, short sleeve or sleeveless shirt is made from spandex material, then you should read the manufacturer's instruction on your shirt's tag to know if your t-shirt is dryer safe before throwing it into the dryer.

This is because not all fabrics made from Spandex are dishwasher safe, so it will be wrong to assume they would be suitable for the dry unless the manufacturer gives the go-ahead.

Wrap up

Can T-shirts go into the dryer? It depends on the material. Materials such as Spandex, nylon, polyester, cotton, micro fibre are mostly suitable for the dryer. However, keep the T-shirts away from the dryer if they are made from materials like cashmere, rayon, lace, silk and wool. Also, ensure to always read the manufacturer’s instruction on your T-shirt’s tag to know if you can put your shirts in the dryer or not.



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